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Stock Trends - Analysis made simple


  • Overwhelmed by the market volatility?
  • Sitting on the sidelines wondering what to do?
  • Too busy to watch the markets daily?

Get stock picks and trading strategies every weekend and learn how to trade trending stocks.

Understand market trends, find trading profits ... and still have time to enjoy life! It doesn't have to be that difficult.

After years of following markets and investing, diligently trying to understand how and why stocks move, it's time you put aside the questions of 'how' and 'why'.

What IS important is that stock prices DO move and that these prices tend to move in TRENDS.

Trend analysis helps identify WHEN to buy a stock, and WHEN to sell it.

  • Stock Trends gives investors a method for succeeding in the market by keeping things simple.
  • Our weekly presentation of stock data allows investors to step back from the volatile market and see the big picture.
  • Remember: The market is always telling a story. Let Stock Trends tell it to you.

If you need a simpler approach to stock market analysis and stock trading...

Stock Trends WILL help you!

Stock Trends - analysis made simple


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  • weekly stock picks.
  • weekly trend Profile reports on all stocks and ETFs, with forward return (%) expectations over 1wk/4wk/13wk/40wk periods.
  • portfolio reports detailing weekly transactions and performance.
  • trading signals for stocks that are breaking out or changing trend.
  • trend and relative strength analysis on listed stocks and ETFs.
  • alerts to high and low trading volume.
  • personal Watchlist trend reports.
  • relative strength rankings for select market index components.
  • weekly historical price downloads - with up to 30 years of weekly data for some stocks.
  • access to premium content areas.


Stay on top of the market action - find winning trades!

Succeeding in the stock market takes a lot of dedication. But it also helps if you have a mentor and tools that allow you to succeed. Stock Trends is designed to be your partner in your trading plan. It's designed to keep you focused on the simplest, most understandable aspects of a very complex market. It's designed to make trading simple but methodical. Most importantly, it's transparent – the concept behind the analysis is easily understood – and it's supported by a convincing record of success.

  • How have your investments performed?
  • How are you managing in this difficult market?

Stock Trends can help!


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Stock Trends - Wealth-building stock market analysis and trading strategies

Stock Trends Filter reports


Subscribers have access to weekly filter reports that help investors identify promising trade opportunities in the market. These filter reports have delivered many winning trades to subscribers over the three decades Stock Trends Weekly Reporter has been published. No need to wade through vast amounts of information - Stay focused and profits will follow!

Stock Trends Weekly Reporter - filter reports

Weekly Stock Trends Filter Reports include:

    • Picks of the Week
    • Stock Trends Inference Model Select Stocks
    • Top 4-week Returns (%) Expectations
    • Top 13-week Returns (%) Expectations
    • Top 40-week Returns (%) Expectations
    • Bottom 4-week Returns (%) Expectations
    • Bottom 13-week Returns (%) Expectations
    • Bottom 40-week Returns (%) Expectations
    • Bullish Crossovers
    • Bullish Crossover Predictions
    • Bearish Crossovers
    • Bearish Crossover Predictions
    • New Weak Bearish Stocks
    • New Weak Bullish Stocks
    • Return to (Strong) Bullish Stocks
    • Return to (Strong) Bearish Stocks
    • Top Trending Stocks
    • Oldest Bullish Stocks
    • Oldest Bearish Stocks
    • Low Volume Gains
    • Unusually High Volume stocks
    • Unusually Low Volume Stocks
    • Dow Jones Industrials Relative Strength Rankings
    • S&P 100 Relative Strength Rankings
    • Nasdaq 100 Relative Strength Rankings
    • Russell 2000 Relative Strength Rankings
    • S&P/TSX 60 Relative Strength Rankings
    • Top % Gainers
    • Top % Losers
    • New 52-week Highs
    • New 52-week Lows
    • Most Active by Volume




Here's a sample of one of the many weekly reports that keep you focused on where the market opportunities are. The Stock Trends Picks of the Week report filters the weekly trading action and finds promising buy recommendations on the NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex, and TSX.


Stock Trends Weekly Reporter - Picks of the Week




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Watch Lists

Subscribers can create multiple Watch Lists to monitor their stocks. Keep track of your favourite stocks, and compare various portfolios.



Stock Trends Weekly Reporter - Watch Lists


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Stock Trends Trading Strategies


Part of being a successful investor is knowing when to sell. Our successful Stock Trends trading strategies will help you with portfolios you can follow. Currently, there are 20 active Stock Trends Portfolios, and every week subscribers get detailed transaction records highlighting buy and sell activities. These model portfolios show how automated trend trading strategies can be profitable!


Stock Trends Weekly Reporter - Portfolio Report



We'll be adding even more trading strategies in the future, but investors are bound to find the guidance they need to be successful. With the help of Stock Trends Weekly Reporter, you can manage your own trading strategy!




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Stock Trends Inference Model - weekly return expectations for thousands of stocks and ETFs


Technical analysis attempts to turn past patterns of price movements into a prediction about future price movement. The Stock Trends Inference Model takes a quantitative look at the Stock Trends Reports and tells us something about how future returns have been distributed among stocks with similar trend and price momentum characteristics. Learn about how to turn these returns expectations into profitable trading.

This unique analysis is not available anywhere else and is provided for over 7,000 North American stocks and exchange-traded funds. Subscribers get access to the Profile section of every Stock Trends Report. Here's a sample Trend Profile report on Apple Inc. (APPL):

Stock Trends Inference Model


Stock Trends Inference Model

Stock Trends Inference Model - Industry Ranking

Stock Trends RSI Pattern Analysis


Subscribers also have access to our weekly Map of Stock Trends. This hierarchical treemap reveals the sectors, industry groups, industries, and stocks/ETFs with the best statistical probability of outperforming the random outcome benchmark employed by the Stock Trends Inference Model. This visualization allows users to drill down into the industry and indicator categories to find the best trend trading opportunities.


Map of Stock Trends


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Fundamental Analysis

Although Stock Trends is a price trend analysis service, Stock Trends Weekly Reporter subscribers will also benefit from our reports on company Key Ratios and Profitability Trends. This premium content is provided in the Stock Trends Report pages for thousands of individual stocks, providing valuable insight into how a company compares to its peers in multiple metrics - Profitability, Valuation Measures, Financial Strength, and Management Effectiveness. These comparisons are also presented in visualizations that make it easy for investors to focus on the most important aspects of measuring how well a company is being managed. Also presented are visualizations of the trend in company profitability as expressed in the relationship between revenue growth and the growth in margins. Profits are the Mother's Milk of the stock market, so investors are well-advised to understand how well a company is able to deliver and maintain the margins that feed profits.

Here is an example of these reports presented in the Fundamentals tab of the Stock Trends Report page:  



Stock Trends - Key Ratios Analysis




Stock Trends - Profitability Trends


Make Stock Trends your go-to investment analysis resource every week!

Put an end to overly complex ways of trying to out-smart the market.

Stock Trends' unique approach to stock analysis gives investors a simple, but effective way to systematically trade the market. It's the kind of analysis that appeals to a systematic mind. It's your key to trading success!


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Subscriber Testimonials

  • I've followed your recommendations since reading your columns in the Globe & Mail, and finding they published Stock Trends arrows in their financial listings. I do find them a guide to the general market and what I should be avoiding for declining chart trends.
    Has probably saved me the subscription by not rushing into hot stocks!

    Anthony D., Subscriber
  • Stock Trends analysis quantifies nicely the movement of individual stocks. I’ve found that if the technicals are out of synch with fundamental analysis, it is a wake-up call to make a decision. The Stock Trends Bull/Bear Ratio is useful in identifying major market bottoms and tops. It has always presented a good buying or selling opportunity.

    Charles G., Subscriber
  • Stock Trends Weekly Reporter is an easy way to pick up equities that represent an upward trend.

  • I am just writing to tell you of my appreciation of your service! It makes so much sense to me. You seem to be an oasis of stability and sensibility in a stockmarket jungle.

    Adrian S., Subscriber

  • Thank you for your excellent work and kind approach to your customers.

    Odette C., Subscriber

  • There is a lot to be gained from comparing trends of how individual stocks are doing within a sector, as well as how the sector is performing relative to the broad market.

    Dudley R., Subscriber

  • Stock Trends information is part of the base information I review before making a trade.

  • I have had the good fortune to be reasonably successful and enjoy the investment process. Your process would be recommended for both experts and those who are new to investing.

    Frank I., Subscriber
  • Your report is an impressive, excellent tool and I have recommmended it to friends.

    Colin E., Subscriber

  • I am something of a momentum investor. I find Stock Trends useful as I can look at my portfolio as a “watch list” and quickly see where trends are declining in strength or reversing, so it is particularly useful as a tool in portfolio management regarding sales.

    William C., Subscriber
  • I very much like the systematic approach to analyzing stock data, it fits my approach.

  • Just thought I'd call to thank you, Skot. Stock Trends Weekly Reporter helped pay for my daughter's education!

    Peter H., Subscriber

  • I find your website and research very helpful in my stock trading. I have subscribed to several related services in the past and none present their work with “just the facts” as you. Please keep up the great work so that I can continue to learn! 

    Bryan E., Subscriber
  • I use Stock Trends to help direct my stock picks. Also, following the advice of Stock Trends I have religiously used stop-loss orders and have avoided hanging on to losing stocks for emotional reasons.

    John B., Subscriber
  • I want to thank you for posting such an excellent guide to technical analysis on the web. You have provided a great service to all of us novice investors.

    Michael C., Stock Trends user
  • I've followed a number of Stock Trends picks, and the methodology is solid.

    Doug B., Subscriber

  • You have created and maintained an amazing, highly educational program and I am grateful for your part in getting our retirement funds to the good place they are.

    Karin M., Subscriber
  • An admitted cynic, it's obviously very high praise when he says he likes StockTrends because of its "simplicity, utility, openness, [and] honesty," and in addition to having "no hidden agenda" is "understandably documented [and] historically verifiable." And, he adds, "It lets me see a lot of things without doing a lot of work." Globe and Mail

    Paul W., Subscriber

  • I am fascinated with your service and methodology - it is very impressive. [...] Over the years I have concluded that there are many ways to approach stock investing, but once one has chosen a path, one is better off sticking to it.

    Bob E., Subscriber

  • Hence, anyone who had followed the "Stock Trends" line should have sold their Bre-X shares and, with the windfall, paid for a lifetime subscription to The Globe and Mail and more. Talk about return on investment!

    Muni P., Subscriber

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STWR - Monthly


Monthly subscription plan to Stock Trends Weekly Reporter - pay your monthly subscription fees by having them automatically charged (PayPal only). Free 7-day trial period. Subscribers may cancel before the end of any subscription month.

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