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Stock quotes, stock charts, stock tips, earnings reports, newspapers, investment newsletters, market gurus, fundamental analysis, technical analysis... with so many sources of stock market information - how do you pick the 'right' time to buy (or sell) a stock? If you need a simpler approach to stock market analysis and stock trading... Stock Trends WILL help you.

Stocktrends Publications is committed to delivering simple but effective equity market analysis to investors. Publishing weekly since 1993, our Stock Trends indicators empower investors by providing a results-driven methodology for trading. Stock Trends Weekly Reporter reports on the North American stock market in a unique way. This weekly publication helps investors quickly locate trends, simplifying the process of understanding the market action.

If you are not content with having your equity capital managed by others - and paying handsomely for it - and do not have the time or inclination for more active day trading, this is the place for you. If you would like to take charge of your own trading by following a simple system of trend analysis, Stock Trends will help you make trading profits and long-term returns on invested capital.

The Stock Trends Handbook addresses the subject of basic technical stock analysis in a practical, easy-to-read style. The Handbook discusses the origins of Stock Trends and how to use Stock Trends symbols and indicators in your everyday investment analysis and trading decisions. It also contains chapters devoted to a detailed description of the Stock Trends statistical trading models and introduces the Stock Trends model portfolios, our automated trading strategies.

Stock Trends Handbook
A guide to stock analysis using Stock Trends

It’s not good enough to be anecdotal or doctrinaire when it comes to trading. Systematic traders understand that without the integrity of data science, they are simply ticker-tape cowboys. This is the reason I set out to create Stock Trends in 1992. The core mission of this service is to provide a methodology that allows investors to harness the power of the algorithm. The Stock Trends indicators are features of market data that can be learned from -  either by individual investors applying their own methodology or by machine learning algorithms that create models for predicting future outcomes. That is where my focus is now - delivering predictive models from the Stock Trends data. These models will help investors navigate all markets.

Skot Kortje, Stock Trends Analyst

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Skot Kortje - Publisher/Analyst

Skot Kortje



With three decades experience creating original data-driven content for investment audiences, I have always been committed to making financial markets accessible to investors. My mission is to produce and communicate analysis that is rooted in integrity and methodology.

Kevin Kortje - CTO/CFO

Kevin Kortje


I have had the good fortune to be involved in developing computer systems for a wide variety of businesses, including investment brokerage and portfolio management, which led to my ultimate involvement with Skot and Stock Trends in 1995. Being a pragmatist, the ‘KISS’ attributes of the Stock Trends methodology were not lost on me, and I am proud to be associated with the continuing development of this highly successful and valuable product.


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