Syndicate Stock Trends™ for your newspaper or website

Stock Trends™ indicators and related products are available for syndication to financial print and electronic media publications and agencies worldwide.

“In 40 years of financial journalism, I've never seen a better analytical tool made available to newspaper readers. I'm very proud that The Financial Times introduced it to Canadian investors, and pleased to see The Globe and Mail continues to include it in the Saturday business package.” - Stephen Petherbridge, fmr Vice President - Television and New Ventures, The Globe & Mail (former publisher of The Financial Times of Canada and Report on Business Magazine)

Stock Trends™ has a proven ability to attract readers to pages that are otherwise dense and difficult to glean meaningful information. It is a highly useful, space-efficient graphical aid that adds value to the stock price quotes of any newspaper, financial publication or website.


The ability to present current market data within a meaningful and concise historical context is the prime effectiveness of the Stock Trends™ indicators. Each graphical symbol provides your readership with a direct evaluation of price and/or volume trends. Used in concert, the Stock Trends™ indicators deliver simple yet reliable trading signals to even the most casual reader of stock market information.

Traditional quotation services provide current price, net change from the previous period (daily or weekly) and a 52-week high/low – but it is difficult to immediately tell whether the day's (or week's) price movement is consistent with the current long-term trend.

The distinguishing feature of Stock Trends™ is the improved visual cues the indicators give to the stock tables, stock tickers, and other stock quotation formats. Because the indicators put a stock’s current price within a context of its historical price, readers can quickly evaluate current price movement within a long-term perspective. This is the genius of the indicators: they allow readers to scan through the listings quickly and make assessments of the stock's value in relation to its trend. Whether looking for potential buying opportunities or reviewing the status of stocks already held, investors and traders can use Stock Trends™ to their advantage.

The price quotations, tables, and ticker displayed on this website are enhanced with these valuable indicators.

Stock Trends indicators have also appeared in the following print publications:

  •  Financial Times of Canada (1993-1995)
  •  Globe & Mail Report on Business (1995 - 2015) sample (PDF)

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